Dohwar, the legendary Penguin folk of the D&D universe

The Dohwar, are probably one of my favorite races to come out of the Spelljammer setting. In 2e they didn’t actually get stats as a race, as they were released in the 2nd Spelljammer Monster Manual, shortly before TSR stopped working on Spelljammer. But honestly… Mind Reading Corporate Mafia Penguins are just too much fun to relegate to NPCs. So here are stats to play them in 5e. They are fun and unique enough that I think DM’s should place them on all worlds, and not relegate them to Wildspace šŸ§

ā€“ PDF, on google drive, version 1.0
ā€“ GMBinder source, constantly updated

Colder of Colder & Shilly, a Dohwar Artificer

Like all my brews on this blog, this is a carefully balanced, peer reviewed and playtested brew of the finest malt!
As always Iā€™m glad to hear feedback and about any experiences using this brew for PCs or NPCs.


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