Giff, Space Mercenaries

Here is the Giff race of my Spelljammer games.
Most other brews out there give Giff the ability to ignore the loading property of firearms at level 1, but that is almost as good as giving them the crossbow expert feat at level 1, which when compounded with the rest of the racial package is quite a bit. Instead I have given them firearms training at level 1, and the faux crossbow expert free loading benefit at 3rd level, to keep things balanced.

PDF on google drive, currently version 1.1
GMBinder source, constantly updated

Giff, Masters of the Universe

Like all my brews on this blog, this is a carefully balanced, peer reviewed and playtested brew of the finest malt!
As always I’m glad to hear feedback and about any experiences using this brew for PCs or NPCs.

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